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Re: Commercial brew tin

PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2021 6:20 pm
by Listo
RuddyCrazy wrote:Well that second batch I did using the Dutch lager is reminiscent of the reason I gaveup making homebrew beer :angry-banghead: where my first batch was full clingy goodness this batch is no head and flat as a tack. Now I did put the same amount of priming sugar in with both batchs so where it went wrong has got me beat. Now shaking the bottles does show some activity and as prior learning goes open the stubbies outside after shaking :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: this batch didn't even fizz up one bit. So there are going in a few box's to forget about for 6 months and when I get a chance I'll do a reat of batch one.

It might not be all lost, you could try soda stream? Our apprentice at work has been experimenting with it, because it has a little bit of precarbination it will take a little bit of experimentation to see what works, but with no secondary fermentation at all, soda stream sounds like it works pretty good.

Re: Commercial brew tin

PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2021 2:22 pm
by Listo
I got off call yesterday and was half clubbed up all day thinking of getting home and tasting my NZ pale ale to see how the hops experiment went. Looked nice and golden and had a thick creamy head (that doesn’t mean a lot to me, but does for others).
First sip was fairly strong, a little too much like an IPA I thought. By half a schooner, it was down the sink and it took a can and a half of goat to get the bitterness off the back of my tongue. I now have 46l of fertiliser. I believe the hops experiment was a failure :sad:
I’ll have to buy a 30 pack on my way home now

Re: Commercial brew tin

PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, 2021 1:52 pm
by RuddyCrazy
Had a couple of stubbies of this Dutch Lager now it has aged a bit and the first one did taste pretty nice with the stubbie staying clingy but the second one wasn't the same and no matter of shaking the stubbie would leave a head.

So this batch is going down for 6 months atleast and when I get a chance I'll do another batch of that first lager brew I did. I don't think this is a ride off and it just needs time to mature.

Now the difference between the first and second brew I did with the first I bottled it pronto after it finished fermenting where with the second one I left it for a month. So that may be the cause of the slow maturation rate of this batch and lesson learnt to bottle the brew as soon as 3 readings show the same. I did try bulk priming with my apple cider runs but I went back to priming each bottle with the beer as the cider bottles were close to exploding bombs when opened.

A few years ago I read a PDF off a lager forum where it is said by putting a re-hydrated yeast in at the end of fermentation will aid in the second fermentation in the bottle so I tried that with the cider and found out it did work out too well :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Cheers Bryan

Re: Commercial brew tin

PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, 2021 5:01 pm
by Wellsy
There is supposed to be an earth shattering KABOOM