Zymurgy Bob's Gin

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Zymurgy Bob's Gin

Postby Brigand » Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:41 pm

Hi Fellas

Here is Zymurgy Bob's Gin Extract recipe out of his book "Making Fine Spirits" which is a very handy resource and I highly recommend it in your library

There is a copy of it here too so I assume it's ok to post it - please remove it if it isn't - http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/Disti ... sage/45108

Gin Extract
1 Litre of 40% Neutral
1 cup (80g) Whole Dried Juniper Berries
1/2 cup (44g) Whole Dried Coriander Seed
1 Stick (4g) Cinnamon
0.3g Cracked Black Pepper
0.8g Lemon Zest
5 Pods (0.8g) Whole Cardamon

Combine and macerate the above for 1 week (no need to crush anything)

Then distil slowly in a small still. The flavours will come across in the following order : Lemon, Juniper, Mixture of other spices, Cinnamon (which will slowly disappear and indicates the end of the run).

If you have a thermometer in the vapour path you will see long period of 82-83*C then a gradual rise to 97*C (I found my run to follow that in the book)

Once you have collected the extract it needs to be diluted with neutral. Bob prefers 8 parts neutral to 1 extract for an assertive gin.

I doubled the recipe and collected probably 1.2L of extract at about 2-2.5 drops per second.

I found the following when trying different ratios in 25ml samples:
1ml extract made for a light gin similar in intensity to that of SS Gin
2ml extract made for a good commercial type intensity
3ml extract made for a fairly assertive gin probably reserved for gin devotees

I much preferred this extract based gin to the commercial versions I had on hand to compare. And based on the above ratios I have enough extract to last a long time. Though I imagine that the flavour will dissipate with time.

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