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Starting over

Postby Fatherjack » Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:50 am

Hey all not been on here for some time. Quick update on Journey so far

Copper t500
Mac diy 2" pot
Mac ssg neutralizer

Still have macs pot still with no boiler
Recently have been given a 50L boiler with SS reflux 2" still. The still seems extremely well made but no signs of being commercially produced is packed with small ceramic noodles & peas with some larger glass beads. It has opening at top of column for bung with thermometer & the cooling water passes through bottom of column to bottom of PC then out of top of PC back to top of column

Why does the cooling pass through bottom of column first ?
Thermometer should run at 78 ?
Better idea than rubber bung for thermometer?

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Re: Starting over

Postby Zak Griffin » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:16 am

Get a photo up mate...

These old style home made reflux stills that cool the entire column aren't really ideal. For a reflux still to work properly, the fractions have to be able to stack in the column. Cooling the entire column doesn't help this.

Thermometer should sit stable. Get a silicon or Teflon bung.
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Re: Starting over

Postby warramungas » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:27 pm

Get a pic up mate so we know what you're dealing with. Stainless steel or will spirits (SS)?
Ceramic beads/marbles went out with the dinosaurs but are still ok for those stills with water tubes through the column as you can't pack it with mesh. Some here swear by lava rock of some sort or another which would be better than marbles for sure if mesh wont do.
50 liters sound like the perfect size for a mac pot still. Might be a good starting point again anyway if you got rid of your ssg.
Your HBS should be able to help with the bung for your thermometer. The should stock silicon bungs if you decide to use it.
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