2" fsd pot still vs 4" modular

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2" fsd pot still vs 4" modular

Postby Dopeassmonkey » Sat Jul 10, 2021 2:29 am

Hi total newb question.. iv got the fsd 2" pot still.. I'm just wondering what the advantages of the 4" modular version is.. I get the parrot but what does the 4 inch bulgey part at the start do.. sorry for my non knowey ness.. I hope to get there one day
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Re: 2" fsd pot still vs 4" modular

Postby Wellsy » Sat Jul 10, 2021 7:22 am

Good Morning Dope
Firstly what you have is excellent gear mate, we all have different budgets and you were smart in choosing quality like you have. No need for apologies. For me I started with the 4 inch pot from FSD, simply because it allowed me to upgrade later.
The 4 inch option gave me more usable parts when I wanted to upgrade to a 4 inch bubbler and there was not a big difference in price once the parrot was allowed for. The 4 inch allows for a little bit faster spirit run, I usually take off at 2 litres an hour in pot still mode.
I went with the bubbler because I wanted to experiment with vodka and white spirits and the bubble plates meant I did not need to do 2 or 3 spirit runs to smooth down the vodka. It will also allow me to go straight from wash to a spirit run in my brown spirits so can save time. When I ferment in a 200 litre barrel I still need stripping runs simply because of the need to process a lot of wash quickly.
Everyone has different wants and needs as well as resources so we all have what we can justify. Enjoy the gear you have, it took me almost a year to decide if I actually needed a bubbler or not, take your time and ask questions like you have.
I know I tend to waffle so hope I have made sense. Ask again if I have simply confused you.
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Re: 2" fsd pot still vs 4" modular

Postby Bourbon_Knight » Sat Jul 10, 2021 3:42 pm

Hi dope.

Wot Wellsy said... you have excellent gear and we all have our own agenda in this hobby.
Be confident that you've made the most important start.. you've purchased an excellent piece of kit.
I started on the cheap, and the quality of the equipment is a very important factor (my comparison here https://aussiedistiller.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=13932)

Effectively, you've bought a mini version of the 4" modular.
The 4" modular has your 2" pot as the base kit, with 2x 2"-to-4" reducers and a parrot and connectors.
Allowing you to further drop in a 4" reflux condenser and an appropriate number of 4" bubblers or sights in between the 2"-to-4" reducers to compile a versatile setup.
It really is modular!

From my research, the main advantage of a larger diameter column is that it can hold and process a larger volume of vapour.
A 4" column will process the same volume of wash quicker than a 3" or 2" equivalent, which translates to less time for the run.
But time aside, you can get the same quality regardless of column diameter.

enjoy the journey.

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Re: 2" fsd pot still vs 4" modular

Postby RuddyCrazy » Sat Jul 10, 2021 4:08 pm

G'Day Dope,
I started out with a 2" potstill I made years before I found this forum, made a 5 litre SS boiler as from what i read anything over was a no no law wise so if I did get busted I could just say I use it to make distilled water for my batteries. :laughing-rolling:

When i did find this forum well the rest is history :handgestures-thumbupleft: and this is the best forum on the net for us with a top shelf company supplying what we need to make that top drop.

Although i like to make my own gear mainly as my motto is just make as it will be better than you can buy, 5 Star gear is the real deal and for seals etc the service is the same simply top notch.

So if not handy with the tools it's an easy solution just save up and expand as the budget allows :handgestures-thumbupleft:

Cheers Bryan
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